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 WoundedWarriors.JOBS is a web property of disABLEDperson, Inc. a 501 ( c ) 3 Public Charity whose mission is to reduce the high unemployment rate of veterans with disabilities. WoundedWarriors.JOBS is a child site of our marque job board: Job Opportunities for Disabled American Veterans or www.JOFDAV.com. www.JOFDAV.com is a state of the art job board that offers Wounded Warriors (disabled veterans) nation wide employment opportunities. www.JOFDAV.com boast near 40,000 active job postings at any given time with hundreds of new job postings daily. Wounded Warriors, www.JOFDAV.com averages near 2000 unique visitors per day where the DAV searches for their next employment opportunity. Also offered is the ability of the Wounded Warrior (DAV) to set up job alert notifications. The Wounded Warrior, disabled veteran can receive email notifications of jobs in up to 5 locations and 5 categories daily making it easy for them to conduct their job search. This is not an initiative of the Wounded Warrior Project or Wounded Warrior Program. It is an initiative of disABLEDperson, Inc.www.JOFDAV.com is a sight that deals with veteran employment opportunities for disabled American Veterans. Our organization works with employers who are proactive in hiring disabled American Veterans and veterans jobs are their high priority. Job listings posted on our site are jobs for veterans. disABLEDperson, Inc. through our national job board, Job Opportunities for Disabled American Veterans / www.JOFDAV.com offers Wounded Warriors, DAVs an opportunity to gain  marketable job skills through our Microsoft IT Academy Program for Wounded Warriors. To qualify, the Wounded Warrior, DAV need to have sustained a disability of at least 30% from active military duty. If the Wounded Warrior has transitioned out of the military, they need to send a copy of their DD214 along their letter from the Veterans Administration that documents their disability percentage from active military duty. If the Wounded Warrior has not transitioned from the military and is stationed in a Wounded Warrior Transition Command, they can email us at Veterans@disabledperson.com for a Commander Authorization Form. Please note that the U.S. Army has the Commander Authorization Form on file. Ask you medical command for the form.JOFDAV.comJob Opportunities For Disabled American VeteransSign up for an account Now!       Find Your Job!         Enter any combination of job title, description, or location to find your job.veterans@disabledperson.com                  760-420-1269

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Job Opportunities For Disabled Veterans

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